Andrea Campbell






Transaction Trails is part of an ongoing series that revolves around the theme of creating a data double by collecting, assembling and reassembling personal data artifacts.  Given that our society’s heightened surveillance practices and technological marketing strategies increasingly impinge upon, and threaten our personal privacy, I have diligently replicated their practices by obsessively collecting the artifacts left in the wake of my consumer trail as I navigate both public and private systems and infrastructures; not as an attempt to “cover my tracks” but rather, to create a fuller, more complete data double of myself and to regain agency by subverting the very privacy that is threatened. 

Transaction Trails consists of three digital line drawings, each accompanied by a black bound book.  The drawings and corresponding books each represent one year of transactions mapped through the data I collected from my receipts as a consumer.  Using google earth maps to geographically map the receipts that are then abstracted represent my movements over the course of several years.